TORONTO – From the window of his hotel room at the Westin O

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TORONTO – From the window of his hotel room at the Westin O

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TORONTO – From the window of his hotel room at the Westin Ottawa hotel, Nazem Kadri and a few of his teammates watched as the horrific action unfolded on a day that neither he nor the rest of the nation will ever forget. Carl Banks Giants Jersey . The National War Memorial, where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was tragically gunned down Wednesday morning, was only 400 hundred metres away from the Maple Leafs downtown hotel, on the opposite side of the Rideau Canal. They were preparing to play the Ottawa Senators for the first time this season that night. From the window they saw the police stalking the streets in search of suspects with their guns drawn, news cameras documenting the action, yellow police tape cordoning off streets, police cars everywhere, ambulances flashing with their lights red. Like all Canadians, they were horrified by what they were witnessing. I think as a Canadian you dont ever assume its going to happen here at home, Morgan Rielly said. Some were uncertain if one of the suspects had entered the hotel or would at some point. There were reports – ultimately proven false – that a shooting took place in the Rideau Centre, which is connected to the hotel and a mall that head coach, Randy Carlyle, was ambling through when word of evacuation blasted through the P.A. system. Basically the TV was out our window, Kadri recalled. There was news cameras all outside, yellow tape and ambulances and cop cars. What was on the TV was right outside our window so we kind of got a double-dose of it. It was a normal game-day until word came down around 2pm that the game that night with the Senators would be postponed. Players had ambled down for breakfast ahead of an 11am stretch – there was no planned morning skate – and saw the lobby of the hotel crowded with people. They figured there was a convention in town. Some, however – including Leo Komarov – heard the gunfire and were alarmed. Others werent quite sure what it was, construction perhaps. I wasnt sure, Rielly said, but then quickly after we heard from team management that there was a [dangerous] person out there and that we couldnt leave the hotel that was when we all clued in that it was pretty serious. Following the stretch were meetings scheduled for 11:30 with a meal to follow. Players were told then that the hotel and entire downtown area was in lockdown. They were urged to remain in their rooms, told to stay away from windows and advised not to use their Twitter accounts. We were preparing to play for a while, said Joffrey Lupul, who posted a tweet of shock at what was unfolding in the morning. In the back of my mind I didnt really think we were going to play. I mean we werent allowed to leave the hotel so it was hard to imagine playing at that point. I think that was, probably in Ottawa, the last thing on peoples mind. Gathered in Kadris hotel room, believing that things had settled some (though against instruction), players took peeks looking out the window. They saw the barricades, saw the officers huddled around one building or another and theorized on what was taking place. It was as though a movie or television show was unfolding in front of their eyes. Only it wasnt fiction, but reality in a country where events of this kind just dont happen. Texts and emails went out to nervous family members, weary wives and girlfriends. Players were told after the game was canceled to be ready to leave at any moment. It was a little frightening, Kadri said. Lupul, for one, wasnt nervous. Not terribly, he said. Probably not as much as we shouldve been. We were watching it unfold on TV and could see it a little bit from our hotel room. As a Canadian its something you dont expect to happen. It caught us off-guard. Carlyle hurried back to the hotel when the evacuation order came down. That was the safe haven for him and his team. It made us all aware that were all vulnerable in these situations, when youre just out in the street, in that type of forum it can happen to anybody, he said. Under strict lockdown to that point, the team ultimately made their way out of the hotel shortly after 4pm, thankful to get home safely. I think the people of Ottawa handled it well, said Rielly. The cops were great. Details were still being worked out early on Thursday afternoon, but the team plans to pay tribute to Cpl. Cirillo and Wednesdays tragic events prior to Saturdays game against the Bruins. The Leafs will make up Wednesdays game against the Senators on Sunday, Nov. 9. Jameel McClain Giants Jersey . -- The Oakland Raiders added a veteran presence to their young receiving group by signing free agent James Jones to a three-year contract Monday. Quintin Demps Giants Jersey . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of their season. . Seriously. Seven years of losing has brought many different faces, players and management, to the annual pre-season get-to-know-the-team round up.The problem: Canadas Paralympic team performed well below expectations two years ago during the Summer Games in London. One possible solution: targeting events that attract the severely disabled and have weaker entry fields, giving Canada a chance to boost its medal count. Savvy tactic or "shameful" sportsmanship? Own The Podium, Canadas high-performance sport funding initiative, is suggesting Canadian Paralympic officials target athletes who participate in sports for the severely disabled, a strategy that could boost Canadas faltering Paralympic medal count but one that is leaving some sports marketing executives and athletes suggesting officials are using a "back door" to get more medals. The suggestion by Own The Podium officials was disclosed in documents obtained by TSN under Canadas Access to Information laws and comes after a performance by the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams in London thats described by Canadian officials as disappointing. The documents include email correspondence, post-Games briefings and audits that dissect Canadas performance at the 2012 Summer Games in London and suggest that during the lead-up to the next Olympic Games in Rio in two years, Canada is paring the number of sports and athletes it funds through the Own The Podium program. The documents were produced by Own the Podium in late 2012 and were shared with the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committees as well as the federal government. They highlight how Canadian officials have dropped the "please like us" veneer in favour of a more cutthroat approach to competition. Created in 2005, the Own the Podium program has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Canadas quest for medals, focusing on athletes who are predicted to have a top-three finish. In Vancouver, the program garnered widespread approval after Team Canada won 14 gold medals, tops among countries, after having been shut out of golds in the prior two Olympic Games held in Canada. In one document titled, "Confidential initial reflections from 2012 Paralympic Games," Own The Podium officials wrote Canada "took a significant step back relative to other leading nations" at the London Paralympic Games. Canada secured seven gold medals at London, half as many as Own the Podium staff had predicted for the Canadian team, according to the Oct. 4, 2012, document. "Other nations have adopted a much more professional approach in many para-sports," the document says. "There is some complacency within some para-sports in Canada. "Canada struggles with entries in events for classes with more severely disabled athletes," the document says. "Many nations appear to have targeted performance in events for female athletes with a disability… Consider strategic investments that support potential multi-gold individual athletes and events with weak depth of field such as events for athletes with severe disabilities and some events for female athletes." Own the Podium has cut funding to several Paralympic sports following London, including womens wheelchair basketball (which received a total of $986,000 in 2009-10 and 2010-11 but has not received funding since the 2012 Games) and womens goalball. Equestrians funding was also cut drastically. Still, Own The Podium has increased its funding in the Paralympics to triathlon, canoe-kayak and archery and overall, its Paralympic funding has totaled $10.1 million in the first two years of the Rio 2016 quadrennial, up from $9.4 million during the firstt two years of the London quadrennial. James Brewer Giants Jersey. One of the documents conclusions has been censored by the Canadian government, which cited the confidentiality of a third party. The tactic of targeting sports for the severely disabled is polarizing. "On one hand, the outcome (support for a worth cause) is good," said Mike Gilleran, executive director of the Santa Clara Universitys sports law and ethics department. "On the other, the motive, lets kick ass in this weaker depth of field for the glory of Canada is probably not the most inspirational call to arms weve ever heard." Andy Harkness, a sports marketing executive in Toronto whose clients include Canadian Tire and Scotiabank, said he doesnt like the strategy. "We shouldnt prop up our medal counts on the back of lesser known sports and athletes," Harkness said. "The rub to me is that it sounds like we are using severely disabled athletes to prop up numbers and that doesnt sound right." Jeff Adams, a Canadian Paralympian and six-time world champion in wheelchair sports, called Own The Podiums tactic "shameful." "How are the underpinnings of this document reconciled with the spirit of sport and all the motherhood and apple pie messages about not winning at all costs?" Adams told TSN. "When that win at all costs mentality is layered with win the easy medals at all costs, it becomes doubly wrong," he said. "Chasing after easy things is certainly not what sport taught me, and this sends a terrible message to athletes and to Canadians. Im embarrassed this document was created." Own The Podium chief executive Anne Merklinger said the tactic has nothing to do with cutting financial support to athletes who already are receiving help. "Its not a question of narrowing the focus," she said in an interview. "Its a question of focusing on athletes that have severe disabilities because when you look at the international scene, there are very few entries from nations in categories of athletes that have severe disabilities. That is a strategic opportunity. If Canada is able to identify athletes with severe disabilities, that is a medal opportunity for our country."Martin Richard, a spokesperson with the Canadian Paralympic Committee, said he attended a conference in 2012 when Merklinger disclosed the suggested tactic. "These were early observations," Richard said. "I understand (the concerns.) Its the language. Its direct. Theres no rationale behind it, and it opens it up for interpretation." Bob Stellick, a Toronto sports marketer, suggested Own The Podiums suggestion is a sign of the times. "It sounds harsh but really does mimic what (Canadas Olympic teams) were doing at the regular Olympics," Stellick said. "They definitely focused on more obscure and limited talent pool sports." Own The Podium also noted in the confidential documents that able-bodied Canadian Olympic teams in rowing, cycling and diving also underperformed--at a time when around the world, "escalating investment in Olympic medals has turned into an arms race." There was a "shallow pool of podium potential athletes," Merklingers group said in a Sept. 17, 2012, memo. "Anticipate that fewer sports will be targeted for 2016." Since London, Own The Podium has cut funding on the able bodied side to mens wrestling, fencing, gymnastics. Sports that have received an increase in funding include archery, tennis and womens rugby. NFL Jerseys China ' ' '
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